Open the doors to our restaurant and a couple of things will happen. You’ll get a delicious aroma of sizzling hot pizza, and warming garlic bread rustled up by our Kitchen Team Members. (With some juicy overtones of fresh salad. Complimentary? Oh yes.) Secondly, you’ll be greeted by a Guest Server who will show you to your seat, as they smile and chat away. That’s the bit you’ve probably seen before. But what else goes on behind the scenes?

All sorts really, and that’s the beauty of it. You’ll be given a uniform and your own section to look after. Normally, you’ll be taking over from another colleague/Guest Server (unless you’re starting first thing) so you’ll have to work out what’s happening double quick. Then it’s about spotting opportunities to make the experience - for all your Guests - as great as possible.

Sometimes you’ll need to seat people or take their order; sometimes you’ll be clearing the table and offering desserts with a cheeky elbow nudge (‘Go on, treat yourself…’). Whatever stage your Guests are at, you’re happy to help and full of ideas (‘Have you tried this? Would the kids like some crayons?’). You’ll make the whole process go really smoothly.

The salad bar distracts our Guests for a while as they pile up the tomatoes and bacon bits. But deep down, they’re anticipating the hot stuff. Yummy pepperoni feasts, that rather naughty stuffed crust. You’re the one who gets to make it all.

It’s not about being a bossy person in the kitchen. It’s about approaching your work with passion, pride, care and consistency. You’re more Come Dine With Me than MasterChef and great to have around: a positive, energetic team member who can’t wait to make the next order as it flashes up on screen. (Our kitchens are rather fancy these days.) And you can forget about needing official qualifications: it’s your interest in food we are interested in and our training’s awesome.

We’ll take your development very seriously and will give you everything you need to do your job well. Your induction alone will include everything from Food Safety and Communication, to Confidence and Time-keeping. From that point, Guest Servers will progress to our ‘Academy of Heartfelt Service’ with topics such as Team Working, Menu Knowledge, Dessert Preparation and Smile Training (who knew?). Kitchen Team Members will join our ‘Academy of Culinary Excellence’ with delights such as Pizza Prep, ‘Best when Busiest’ and ‘It’s all about the sparkle’. Love it. It’s a good mix of online and on-the-job training. And should you wish to progress into Management, you’ll be cross-trained on both Academies. You’ll be unstoppable. 


Collectively, our Managers have the chance to drive a profitable, thriving restaurant. They’re just great examples for others to follow. Charismatic and self-motivated leaders who inspire our team to be themselves, treat each other well and whip up the kind of buzz that keeps our guests coming back for more. You’ll see the results in a sea of smiles, impressive sales figures and a team that can’t wait until next time.

Head Honcho, Top Kahuna, Grand Poobah… whichever way you look at it, you’ll take ultimate responsibility for the restaurant and the buck stops with you. Loaded with experience, you’ll devour commercial challenges, roll out customer attraction strategies, dissect performance figures and use your commercial brain to spot new opportunities a mile off. It’s about creating a successful foundation topped with happy guests, plenty of fun and a team that love to do their best.

What training can you expect?

We might be biased but we believe we have some of the best-trained Managers in the restaurant sector. We focus on all kinds of modules such as ‘Growing Others’, ‘Bench Planning’ and ‘Employee Relations’. Importantly, we’ll focus on the behaviours you’ll need to manage people, keep standards high and deliver great results. You’ll come out the other side as an effective, knowledgeable and confident leader, whatever challenges come your way.

What kind of person are we looking for?

Certainly an experienced leader, maybe in a food retail setting or maybe not, you’ve spent the last few years steering a business to victory. It’s not all about you though. As a respected and popular manager, you appreciate that success is down to the strength of your team. A lot of your success in this role will be about building a positive and helpful culture where individuals see the value of mutual support. 

Behind every great General Manager there’s a rather inspirational, supportive Deputy. Someone who can take the reins when the GM’s away: running the shifts, motivating team members and (top of the list) ensuring our guests have a fantastic time. You’re quick to learn, always alert and able to spot opportunities to make things better. Whether that’s helping a new staff member keep up with the team, or stepping in to serve guests on a mad-busy Saturday night.

What training can you expect?

Your programme is designed to build on the day-to-day operations knowledge that you learned as a Shift Manager. That means you’ll be equipped with everything you need to run the business when the Manager’s away. Everything from forecasting sales, P&L and training your team, to scheduling shifts, payroll and managing your workload.

What kind of person are we looking for?

Much as we love you being a strong Deputy, we also know you’re ambitious. Up until now you’ve been gaining experience managing a team (ideally in a catering or retail environment), but you’re hungry to develop. Your ideas and general greatness will ensure our dining experience is nothing short of wonderful. 

This is a great development role, and we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that you’re rather ambitious. You’ll see this as the bounciest of springboards as you learn the ropes and find your management style. For starters, you’ll make even the busiest shift run like clockwork. You’ll ensure that everyone knows what they’re doing, that the restaurant meets our high standards of hygiene and safety – and of course that our guests have a fabulous time.

What training can you expect?

You’ll follow a hugely detailed programme called the ‘Academy of Hospitality Leadership’, which covers web-based, classroom and on-the-job training. You’ll have your own Training Manager (fancy) who will guide you through modules such as ‘Cash Management’, ‘Leading the Guest Experience’ and ‘Handling the Unexpected’. BOO! You see? You weren’t expecting that were you. 

What kind of person are we looking for?

Perhaps stepping up from a Customer Service role, possibly in another food retailer, you’re more than ready to take on more responsibility whatever you’re doing now. You’re not the bossy sort. Calm, controlled efficiency is more your style. You know what needs to happen - and how to motivate others to achieve it.

Support Centre

Everything that happens here is designed to get more and more people enjoying an even better Pizza Hut experience. So, one day you might find us creating a delicious new dessert; or launching a new reward scheme; or changing the way we talk to each other through our Hut Portal. We might introduce a new finance plan or perhaps review our logistics. Then there’s the whole quality control side of things, which involves tasting our rather delectable menu. (Oh go on then if we must…)

There’s always lots going on, and things happen refreshingly quickly. Well, when you’ve got a cracking idea, there’s no point in hanging around. 

Take your pick…

Alabama Popcorn Shrimps and Banoffee Cookie Dough Ice-cream don’t just happen. There’s a whole development pipeline, managed very carefully by our NPD team. It’s fast-moving, and really quite complex. We scrutinise business and marketing briefs, spot glaring holes in the market, brainstorm ideas, source new products and work with suppliers on first-to-market solutions.

Once we’ve created a tasty new recipe in our onsite kitchen, we run concept testings to check that customers will love it. Then we’ll design training sessions to ensure the product can be lovingly re-created across the UK. We also produce all that glorious menu photography you’ve seen, ever mindful of the latest consumer trends like publishing calorie contents.

Do we flop on the sofa after that? Nope. We think up new menus for the next launch, with super-fabulous food to keep Guests coming back. We work tirelessly to ensure food hygiene, nutritional and Government standards are met. Then our To-Do list covers everything from selecting alternative suppliers, to sorting out waste control. Everything we do makes a real impact, right up to board level. 

So surely Pizza Hut has a fairly simple supply chain? Pizzas, pizzas and then err... some more pizzas. Ohhhh no. We purchase around 350 different food products and 600 non-food products for 58 million customers every year. That’s a lot of shopping. Everything from chairs and uniforms, to mobile phone contracts and suppliers.

We’ve got great relationships across the business. For instance, we work closely with New Product Development and Planning to source the yummiest, cost-effective ingredients for new menu items. We’ll also negotiate rates for new restaurant fittings, alongside our friends in Construction and Design and look after the logistics for over 300 Restaurants. That means keeping our distribution network everso smooth and streamlined so we get maximum value for money, tip-top figures on availability and on-time deliveries.

Quality Assurance features heavily too. This is where we ‘closely monitor the quality of our products and ingredients’. Come on, ‘closely monitor’? Dive into delicious tastiness is more like it. (As the chocolatey grins and tomatoes down the shirt will testify.)

We’re incredibly dynamic and we like to think ahead as we drive change and fresh ideas across the business. We count ourselves rather lucky as we’ll work on the full project lifecycle from that initial spark of inception to a glorious roll-out. At the end of the day, it’s all about providing an outstanding service to the RSC and over 300 restaurants.

People always ask ‘What will I be working on?’ and we say ‘Don’t be so nosey.’ Actually no we don’t, we make the point that we’re extremely focused and only choose the solutions that are exactly right for our business. So you might, for instance, be developing processes that surround bank reconciliations, or evolving our company intranet as a business tool.

IT people like Pizza Hut because they can get their teeth into interesting technical challenges. They also like the long-term job security that only a global brand can offer. We’ll also make sure you get a great work-life balance. And some tasty discounts on delicious food. It’s all very satisfying.

HR is about all sorts of ideas and all sorts of initiatives. Each one’s designed to make life at Pizza Hut that bit better for everyone who joins us. Take our ‘Mindset’, for example. No, it’s not about churning out robots or clones. It’s just a reminder that we’re happier when we show the best of ourselves and appreciate the people around us too. We’re a cheerful bunch on the whole, and brainwaves like Mindset help bring out more good in us. (Group hug, everyone.)

Our success is about staying very close to our restaurant Guests and internal customers. Now, this could be achieved by camping out in their front garden. But we prefer to work hand-in-hand with Operations to provide daily support to over 300 restaurants. That way, we can help people achieve their potential and deliver great results.

We’re not policey wrist-slappers, we’re all about building positive relationships. We find great people and support their career progression through world-class training programmes. (70% of all vacant positions are actually filled internally.) On top of that we drive a culture where people constantly find reasons to celebrate and ignite the achievements of others, and have lots of fun along the way.

Control and Planning work together like a well-oiled machine, reporting and analysing business results and helping to set the path for future business growth.

Control focuses on approving, processing and recording all the company's financial transactions and reporting those figures back to our investors, statutory bodies, the Board of Directors and the rest of Pizza Hut. They also carry out fraud prevention and protect business assets, making sure we comply with UK statutory requirements. So there's plenty to learn when you join us.

Planning is at the heart of all the big strategic changes that are happening across Pizza Hut UK right now. Working closely with the Board, they might (for example) look at the success of our new-style restaurants and decide if we should have a national roll-out. They could help to construct a new marketing campaign that will deliver a real return on investment.

Whichever department you choose, you’ll have exposure to lots of different areas of Pizza Hut, and the chance to get some letters after your name, like CIMA, ACCA and PPM.

This department is responsible for all aspects of Pizza Hut property. We have sites on High Streets, Out-of-Town retail developments, as well as indoor shopping centres and theme parks, so there’s plenty of variety.

We’re the ones who develop fresh and welcoming restaurant designs to make our Guests’ dining experience feel incredibly special. We’re an extremely fast-paced team, and innovation and design play a key role. At the moment we’re leading the way in restaurant design, refurbishing every restaurant over the next two years with an exciting new look that's pushing the whole experience even further.

We need you to take Pizza Hut into a new era of great dining and loveliness. You might have up to 12 Restaurants in your area, so this is about providing inspiring leadership and ideas to individual Managers, helping them feel motivated and, above all, recognising them for their achievements. We’re also rolling our exciting new restaurant concept across the UK. So your plate, as they say, will be rather full with fast-paced action and demanding challenges.

This is flexible working in its truest sense. You’ll run your own diary; you’ll manage your own time. Plus you’ll tackle every challenge in your own inimitable way, whether you’re driving new training initiatives or recruitment drives, or supporting your Managers in providing great experiences to our Guests. Everything’s about delivering a healthy financial performance for Pizza Hut Restaurants.

A team entirely devoted to making our restaurants excellent? But of course. These are the people who provide the link between happy dining experiences across the country and our wonderful RSC. Are our restaurants being supported properly? Could we be doing more to help them improve the service or the quality of the food? We’ve chosen people who really know what they’re talking about: ex-operators who understand exactly what it takes to make our restaurants world-class (and rather magical).

There’s incredible variety. (If the role was a pizza, we’re definitely into chicken supreme territory.) You could be helping to manage communications, testing new products, examining service platforms, exploring feedback from Guests, or analysing commercial performance. Busy, busy, busy. And it’s good to know that everything you do will make things better for pizza lovers all over the UK.

It’s a team of two halves, just like some of our yummiest pizzas. We’ve got the ‘today’ marketeers who look at what’s happening right now. The rest of our marketeers will be looking to the future. (Cue dry ice and space-age music.) Either way, you’ll work with colleagues across the UK and develop fast (we’re talking internal training and the chance to become CIM-qualified).  

As a ‘today’ person, you’ll promote our gorgeous products to millions, using everything from celebrity collaborations, YouTube material and amazing digital content to the full range of social media, cutting-edge website design, PR, door drops and point of sale. That’s going to be no small thing, as we look at the most contemporary ways to reach Guests and aren’t happy unless we’ve got the most engaging marketing campaigns in the industry. (Crust vs No Crust, anyone?) And along with our Operations geniuses, you’ll make sure that the perception we offer our Guests matches up to the actual experience, every time.

You’ll even take part in the design of our Menu (and say what could be on it) and new restaurants - anything, in fact, that brings the Pizza Hut brand to life. That means working with Consumer Research, Financial Planning, Restaurant Operations and Product Development (or ‘devouring pizzas’ as it’s also called).

Our future marketers are a little bit ‘different’ because they get to create the ideas that will inspire and delight our Guests. It’s super top secret. You even have to sign the ‘Official Pizza Secrets Act’. So if you get excited about food and you own a megaphone, maybe this isn’t for you.